Quick Frame has been providing innovative construction estimating software for Framing and Lumber company professionals for more than ten years. Our systems not only improve the quality of work environments, but also greatly increase efficiency and profitability.


Lumber Estimating & Related Material Takeoff
and Pricing Software For:

  • Production Framers
  • Lumber Companies
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Commercial Contractors
  • Residential Framers
  • Real Estate Developers
  • General Contractors
  • Lumber & Framing Blueprint Takeoff Estimators
  • Construction & Building Industry Professionals

Quick Frame has combined state of the art computer/software expertise with years of hands-on construction and blueprint takeoff experience to produce the most effective Residential & Commercial Framing Estimating Software in the industry. Quick Frame Estimating uses a logical & time tested approach that simply works in the real world of construction. 100’s of construction companies using Quick Frame Software day in and day out, prove it. (Click here or on the Software/Estimating link to learn more.)

Quick Frame also provides industry leading GTCO Digitizer Tablets. Construction estimators have become increasingly dependent on digitizers to help speed up the blueprint takeoff process. With the GTCO digitizers importing quantities directly into Quick Frame Estimating, the takeoff & bidding processes have never been faster or easier. Note: Quick Frame Estimating works with both blueprints (paper plans) & onscreen plans .
(Click here or on the Software/Digitizers link to learn more.)

TelePrice Lumber & Material Pricing Software is the partner software system to Quick Frame Estimating. TelePrice eliminates hand input, vastly improving and expediting Lumber Bidding & Pricing processes . TelePrice has brought the data exchange between Construction Contractors and Lumber Suppliers to new and more efficient levels. The largest projects can be priced in a matter of minutes. (Click here or on the Software/TelePrice link to learn more)

Quick Frame Estimating Service: Provides Accurate Lumber & Material Blueprint Estimates. Quick Frame Estimators are seasoned veterans of the industry and understand the takeoff needs of building professionals. Many companies are already utilizing Quick Frame to help streamline their Framing Material Takeoff, Lumber Pricing, and Bidding processes. Our Quick Frame Estimating Service specializes in estimates for: Residential & Commercial Construction Contractors, Lumber Suppliers, Production Framers, Developers, Custom Home Builders & Remodeling Professionals. (Click here or on the Estimating Service link to learn more.)

Along with our innovative construction software products and services, Quick Frame provides unparalleled support and a commitment to our customers.

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